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Olsi Odobashi

Frontend Developer

Some of my recent projects

Learn Frontend Community

I started Learn Frontend on Discord with the goal to mentor and help newcomers who want to get into web development and need some guidance or (understandably) have many questions about how to get started.

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Yet another Angular/Node/Firebase app using data from Reddit. This one's for when you're feeling down and want to read some nice headlines.



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NodeJS and Angular app hosted on Heroku that lists all hot posts from Reddit's r/coolguides without all the noise. Built with Node & Express, Angular, Nebular UI

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Amazon Dashboard

A simple tool that reads a CSV report (that's generated by Amazon) and gives you a better look at things like monthly/yearly expenses and how much you've spent in total on Amazon.
Built with ReactJS

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Angular 6 & Firebase Boilerplate

Boilerplate app running on Angular 6. Functions as an admin panel to add, view or edit articles.
Built with Angular Material, Angularfire2

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Ionic Desk Clock App

A simple desk clock built with Ionic Framework 3 and Angular 5.
The app is customizable, allowing users to change styles like background color, font face and color.

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